Thursday, January 18, 2018


Grace & Growth Family Services

Grace & Growth Family Services is an agency working with the California Victims of Crime Program (Cal VCP) providing therapy / counseling services to clients and their families affected by criminal activities.  

To be eligible to receive these services (for no cost), a person must be a victim of a qualifying crime involving physical injury, threat of physical injury or death.  For certain crimes, emotional injury alone is all that needs to be shown.

Adults and children who have been involved either directly or indirectly by crimes such as robbery, rape, assault, drug-related crime, gang-related crime, and children effected by physical, sexual abuse, domestic violence, etc.   A more complete list is below.

Mental health Services are provided in one of our offices, in-home, or      school-based.  Immediate family, extended family members, guardians, and foster parents may also be eligible if their participation in such services is beneficial for the victim’s recovery.

Grace  & Growth is able to provide prompt service (no waiting list) when the case is referred to us with the necessary documentation. For general victims,  a copy of the crime report will be needed upon intake.

Grace & Growth also provides mental health services to children who are dependents of the Court, placed in foster care through the Department of Children and Family Services and Child’s Protective Services.  In these cases, a copy of the Court minute order and either crime report, or sustained petition is needed.